New Zealand – Hitch-hiking and a Wedding Party on the Remarkables Mountains

To the east of Queenstown is a rather impressive mountain range, known as ‘The Remarkables’. They live up to their name and I imagined the views from the ridge must be too….so I came up with a plan. Since there is a road which winds it’s way up to the ski-area behind, I was confident I could probably hitch-hike most of the way! Hitch-hiking is fairly common here in NZ, so although I’ve never tried it, if I wanted these next photos, it was my only option because I didn’t have my own car and there were no buses. Thankfully it was very easy, and I was driven up the 14km of dirt road by a couple of marathon runners from Australia. They dropped me off near the summit and I hiked the last 300m to the ridge. It was so worth it!



Before my descent I saw a helicopter come into land on the ridge a short distance from me. Curious as to the reason and wondering if I could be so lucky as to get a lift back to the bottom I went to investigate. It was a wedding party having a photoshoot against the dramatic backdrop of the lake and mountains! Sadly there was no room to get flown down, but I managed to get some great photos of the wedding party. New images to add to my ‘International Wedding Photography Portfolio!!’





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